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SK-360 Digital Flybar

SK-360 Digital Flybar

(discontinued – check out the SK-720)

The SK-360 replaces the mechanical flybar on your R/C Helicopter, making it lighter, fly longer on the same battery charge, and reducing replacement parts costs.

Ideal for scale and performance models alike. Go flybarless!

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Throw out your “1940’s-technology” mechanical flybar and replace it with a state of the art Digital Flybar. Rock solid hovering with a less complex, lighter rotorhead for more power or longer flight times!

The SK-360 Digital Flybar is a high performance, compact and lightweight electronic pitch and roll stabilizer for model helicopters of all sizes. Its function is to replace the traditional flybar (stabilizer bar) and its associated linkages, boosting power, increasing flight times and reducing repair costs.

For 3D flying, dial up cyclic rates to the limit of blade stall, without losing any stability. This gives your heli lightning-quick 3D, with great performance in wind and a solid hover!

For Scale flying, cyclic rates can be dialed down for smooth, steady flight even in gusty wind. Both the look and the sound are more realistic. The SK-360 flies great with 2, 3, 4, or 5 blades.

The SK-360 is a compact, single unit, and comes with a USB interface included. It weighs only 16 grams, and can be mounted upside-down, backwards, or rotated 90 degrees to fit in any heli.

The PC setup software lets you fully configure the swash mixing, servo motion, and stability. And, it’s easy to upgrade the firmware at home so you’ll benefit from any future product improvements with the click of your mouse. Plus, the setup software displays the precision PWM inputs and outputs, making it an excellent calibration tool for your servos and radio.

(Note: For nitro helis, the SK-360 has now been tested up to 90 size)

Control Options:

  • Adjustable Bell and Hiller ratio (direct vs. stabilized control)
  • Adjustable roll (aileron) and pitch (elevator) rates
  • Control feel is adjustable in-flight with optional Bank Switching & gain channel

Swashplate Options:

  • Works with Digital or Analog servos
  • Suitable for 120, 135/140, and 90 degree eCCPM, as well as mCCPM swashplates
  • Swash Ring anti-binding algorithm
  • Phase Trim adjustable to +-90°
  • Swash servo-equalizing prevents uncommanded collective in aggressive maneuvers

High Performance:

  • Synchronous, 12-bit precision (4096 step) PWM inputs from your radio
  • Tightly grouped 12-bit servo PWM outputs for low swash motion error
  • Super-accurate, crystal driven PWM timing
  • Optional 125 Hz Digital servo frame rate
  • Minimal lag (just a few milliseconds)
  • Individually temperature compensated
  • Wide input voltage range (up to 8.5 volts)
  • Weight is only 16 grams

Package Contents:

  • SK-360 Gyro unit
  • Four receiver connection cables
  • Four strips of 3M-4408 tm mounting tape
  • USB Interface with jumper
  • USB Extension Cable
  • CD with Interface Software

SK-360 Software & Graphical User Interface

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