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The SK-GPS2 combines altitude and position hold, and gives a “flight floor and ceiling” that works in both single rotor and multirotor helis – even inverted! Just like the SK-720 it’s paired to, the SK-GPS2 is ideal for any and all RC helicopter pilots, from absolute beginners to 3D pilots to commercial aerial photographers and videographers.

The SK-GPS2 one is designed to maximize signal reception as priority #1. It has a huge 35mm patch antenna, double filtering, is fully shielded against RFI, and uses the latest ublox GPS chipset with a 10hz update rate (vs 5 Hz for the SK-GPS1).

With its high-performance antenna, SK-GPS2 is 5 x5 x 1.5cm and 40g. On normal helis, it mounts flat on the tail boom. It will hold a lock when the heli is inverted, although most of its receive strength is upwards facing.

The SK-GPS2 sets itself apart from its competition through its versatility. It can be flown slow and smoothly, or at full smack 3D, even holding altitude and position inverted when you need it to. It can be flown on essentially any-sized collective pitch heli or quadcopter. All of this can be flown using the SK-720 and the single module, with no costly upgrades or excessive wiring with multiple modules. What’s more, the SK-GPS2 adds another level to the Sk-720’s flight logging capabilities – pilots can view recorded flights to Google Earth!

The bailout function features two modes – pilots can set the SK-GPS2 to bail their heli out when it reaches a set altitude, or to bail out before the set altitude. The SK-GPS also bails the heli out with the tail pointed towards the pilot to help with orientation after recovery.

The SK-GPS2 will also “return to home” when needed, while adding an extra level of safety by hovering 10 metres (33 feet) above the set point, allowing the pilot to safely land the heli without risk to bystanders.

Using the SK-GPS2 is easy, and uses only one channel from your receiver – all you need is a transmitter with at least one 2 or 3 position switch and a free channel. You can use up to two two switches, and each switch can use two of any mode below:

* Position Hold
* Altitude Hold Only
* Rescue Now
* Rescue Hard Floor (auto rescue if it goes below a set altitude)
* Rescue Soft Floor (rescue to prevent it from going below a set altitude)
* Lock Grid (control position on a grid)
* Lock Radial (circle around, away, or towards a point)
* Lock Point (same as Lock Radial, but nose always points in)
* Return Home (up to two home positions / waypoints can be set)

The SK-GPS2 connects directly to any existing SK-720 via the included single 4-pin cable. The SK-GPS2 also features a second 4-pin port for future accessories.

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