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SK-Plot Data Viewer Pro

SK-Plot Data Viewer

Demo Version

SK-PLT Data Viewer

The demo version of the Data Viewer software can read Vibration Logs generated by the SK-720 during a flight, displaying them as plots of peak vibration frequencies (rpm). This is also known as a spectrum-analyzer. Unlike our competitors, the log is recorded in high-detail snapshots taken over a whole flight, allowing you to review the vibration level during different maneuvers.This allows you to isolate mechanical problems with your heli to assist gyro performance, and to help prevent crashes. Please click the image to expand, or see our wiki for more details.

Pro Version


SK-PLT Data Viewer

By purchasing a license to activate the Pro version, you get access to much more. In addition to reading vibration logs, it can plot the data from playback logs, which includes:

  • RPM
  • Vibration Score
  • Overall Acceleration
  • Servo Rail Voltage
  • Control Inputs
  • Event logs, including radio link health

The software allows you to zoom in and out, print data plots, export the gyro setup-file stored in the log, and print a log report (example on side bar). Plus, in concert with our playback software, you can see exactly what’s happening with your heli in 3D. If the playback software is running, the data viewer plot can be marked with the playback software’s current time (click the image on the left).

The Data Viewer Pro now also works with logs from the SK-540, letting you view RPM, control inputs, servo voltage, and event logs.

How to Purchase?

Click the button below to purchase a single user license via paypal. Paypal accepts most major credit cards directly. You will then be emailed an activation key that will work on one PC. Before purchase be sure to install the latest rev of the Skookum Robotics setup software package.

By purchasing this software license, you agree to adhere to the User License Agreement as displayed by the Skookum Robotics support software installer.

Software requirments: Windows 2000 or newer, 2 Mb of hard disk space, 256 Mb of RAM.  Please note that running the Dataviewer in a virtual machine (for example, Windows Parallels on Mac or VMWare on Linux) is not supported.

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